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"Rezedents Rights & Rispansabilities" brochure

Posted 27-Oct-1999

The following are transcribed excerpts from an eight-page brochure entitled "Rezedents Rights & Rispansabilities," published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  For more information about the provenance of the brochure please see the Straight Dope by Cecil Adams at Did HUD publish a brochure in "Creole" containing a parody of black speech?, with a followup at  Rezedents Rights & Rispansabilities: The rest of the story.

We have included links to reproductions of each page of the brochure in GIF and PDF formats. The PDF format offers better resolution but requires that a 1MB file be downloaded and viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is also available for download free of charge.

The transcript below and all images were prepared by the Chicago Reader, publisher of the Straight Dope by Cecil Adams. Copyright 1999 Chicago Reader, Inc. Republication or reposting of the transcript in any medium except for brief quotations is prohibited. The transcript has been proofed against the text but 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Comparison with the original is strongly advised.

For a sample of a genuine English-based creole, see the Website of the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper and click on the "Readers' Comments" button on the left.  Jamaican creole is known locally as "patois."

[Page 1 - cover]

Rezedents Rights
& Rispansabilities

[HUD logo]

[Page 2]

Yuh as a rezedent, ave di rights ahn di rispansabilities to elp mek yuh HUD-asisted owzing ah behta owme fi yuh ahn yuh fambily.

Dis is a brochure distributed to yuh cawze Hud ah provide some fawm ahf asistance aur subsidy fi di whole apawtment buildin. As ah pawt ahfits dedication fi maintain di bes pawsible living enviornment fi all rezendents, yuh HUD field affice encourage ahn suppowts:

Along wid yuh owna/manigement agent yuh role is very impowtant in making yuh place ahf rezedence, di unit, di grouns ahn di ahdah cammon areas a behta place fi live ahn also elp create a community yuh caan be proud ahf.

Dis brochure briefly liss some ahf yuh muos impowtant rights ahn rispansabilities fi elp yuh fi get di muos owt ah yuh owme.

[Page 3]


As ah rezedent in HUD's Mulitfambily owzing yuh mus become aware ahf yuh rights.

    Invalving yuh apawtment

    Invalving Rezedent Auganizashans

    Invalving Non-diskriminashan

Di right fi egual ahn fair treatment ahn di use ahf yuh Building's services ahn facilities, widowt regard to colour, religion, gendah, disability, familial status (children undah 18), National origin (ethnicity aur language), aur age.

[Page 4]


As a rezedent ahfah HUD assisted projek, yuh also ave Cer'en risponsabilities fi ensure dat yuh buildings remain a suitable owme fi yuh ahn yuh neighbahs. By signin yuh lease, yuh ahn di owna/manigement compny ave entad into a legal, enforcible contrak.  Yuh ahn di owna/manigment company rispansible fi comply wid yuh lease, owse rules ahn local laws govanin yuh prahpati. If yuh ave any question bout yuh lease aur duont ave a copy ahfit, contak yuh manigement agent aur yuh local HUD field affice.

    to yuh prahpaty owna aur manigement agent.

    to de projek ahn to yuh fellow rezedents

[Page 5]

                is Impowtant

Rezedents in de HUD assisted familial owzin play an impowtant rowle in di decishan dat affek dem prokek.  Diffrent HUD prowgrams provide fi specifik rezedents. Yuh ave di right fi know undah waht HUD prowgram yuh building is assisted.  Fi fyneout if yuh apawtment buildin covad undah enhi a di fahlowing kategories contak yuh manigement agent.

If yuh buildin ave a mawgage lown undah sekshan 202 aur is assisted undah sekshan 230,221(d) (3)/BMIR, Rent Suppliment prowgram aur de sekshan 8 lown Manigement Set Aside Prowgram fahlowin convershan ahf de prowjek from rent suppliment, program assistant yuh ave di right fi pawticipate in aur be notified ahf, ahn comment on di fallowing:

[Page 6]


If yuh buildin is subsidized undah di sekshan 202 aur 811 prowgram ahf di Nashinal Owzing Ahk, yuh ave the right fi notifikashan ahf, ahn to comment pan a reques to HUD fi consent to di prepayment ahf a lown

If yuh buildin ave a prowjek-based sekshan 8 contrak dat soon expyah aur bein terminated ahn will naht be renewed, yuh ave a right to a wan year "powtable" Sekshan 8 certificate dat yuh caan use inna ehni buildin wid rents in di allowable range. Yah also ave de right to Appawtunity Kownseling, weh yuh caan learn bout owzing aupshans dat is available to you. If yuh live inna wan building dat is ownwed by HUD dat a sell, yuh ave di right to be notified, ahn comment pan, HUD's plan fi dispowse ahf di buildin. If yuh fawm aur awreddi fawm a rezedent did auganizashan, yuh ahn yuhfellah tenants caan nigoshiate wid HUD to buy di buildin fi establish karpowrative owzin aur rezedent owned rental units.

[The following appears in a box on this page.]

"Wi ave a pawtnaship wid everi rezedent of HUD-assisted owzing developments: HUD prowtekss di rights ahf di tenants, ahn tenants gauwd dem own right tru rispansible be'aviah.  Owah goal is fi guh beyan dat pawtnaship ahn create a sense ahf community by encouraging di rezedents fi bekum more aktive ahn invalve demselves inna de decishans dat ahfek di developmnet ahf deir own owzing developments."

Sekretary Andrew M. Cuomo fella

[Page 7]


If yuh need ahni elp aur more infahmashan yuh mus contak:

World Wide Web-http;//www.hud.gov
    - HUD Storefront Office-http;//www.hud.gov/storefront/
    - Community Builders-http://www.hud.gov/combuild.html
    - Fair Housing- http://www.hud.gov/fhe/fheo.html
    - Resident Rights and Responsibilities Brochure

If yuh belive dat yuh ave suffahd from discriminashun aur whud like more infahmashan call 1-800-669-9777 aur cawl yuh lowkal HUD affice ahf Fair Owzing ahn Equal Appatunity.

Yuh lowkal govahment tenant/lanlawd ahfair affice, legal services affice, ahn tenant auganizashan may provide yuh wid more infahmashanpan ahdishanal rites yuh ave ahanda lowkal aur state law.

Dis broshure bout yuh rite ahn risppansibilities as a rezedent ahf HUD ahsisted multifambily owzin is also avalable in Braille ahn de fahlowing languages, English, Spanish, Mandarine, Chinese, French, Russian, Vietamese, Korean..Creole,Portugues ahn Ethiopian,Contak yuh lowkal HUD Prowgram Centah aur HUD's Nahshinal Multifambily Owzing Clearinhowse at 1-800-685-8470

[Page 8 - mailing information]

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