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What was the name of Dudley Do-Right’s horse?

Dear Cecil:

One evening during an orgy of hard-core trivia, we were suddenly and frustratingly stumped by a truly baffling item. Even the most devoted trivia freaks among our friends drew blanks when we presented them with this one. If you can answer it for us, Cecil, we'll finally be able to sleep nights. What they hell was the name of Dudley Do-right's horse?

The Smithies, Chicago

Illustration by Slug Signorino

Cecil replies:

Dear folks:

Dudley’s horse was named Horse. That’s it — Horse. Bet you could kick yourself, huh? Now you can go back to worrying about the important things in life, like the Middle East situation, world hunger, and where Bullwinkle went to college. Answer on request.


Dear Cecil:

OK, I give up. Where did Bullwinkle go to college? –Robert L., New York

It’s about time one of you guys took the bait on this. Bullwinkle’s alma mater, as every cartoon connoisseur knows, was the immortal Wassamatta U.

Cecil Adams

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