The Slug Signorino FAQ

  1. Who is Slug Signorino?Slug is the irascible illustrator of the Straight Dope column.
  2. Is his name really Slug?No, it’s . . . well, we promised we’d never tell. But if you ever heard it you’d know why he prefers to be called Slug.
  3. How did Slug get this job?He was the low bidder. Over the years, however, we have come to realize that only Slug has the warped vision and poisonous personality necessary to deal with Cecil Adams.
  4. Where does Slug live?In northwest Indiana. We can’t tell you the town. We’re not concerned about Slug’s privacy, we just don’t want to spook the neighbors.
  5. What would Slug be doing if he weren’t illustrating the Straight Dope?We don’t know, but we bet if anybody found out he’d get 25 to life.
  6. Is it true Slug and Cecil are the same person?Are you kidding? They can barely stand to be in the same area code. What would it be like if they were in the same body?
  7. What accounts for Slug’s unique artistic sensibility?We’re not sure. All we know is northwest Indiana has the world’s highest concentration of toxic waste.
  8. Where else can Slug’s work be seen?Slug is a successful commercial artist. Among his clients are several prominent publishers of the textbooks supplied to impressionable American schoolchildren. And here you’ve been blaming the whole thing on Hugh Hefner.
  9. Seriously, what is Slug really like?He is funny, charming, and one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. But he’s been depicting Cecil as a turkey in a mortarboard for 20 years, and now he’s got to pay.