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What’s the deal with nude swimming at some men’s clubs?

Dear Cecil:

I was intrigued by a recent news report that members of a formerly men-only club were upset now that women were being admitted because they could no longer engage in nude swimming. Now, it's true I've led a sheltered life, having gone to school at the convent and all, but what exactly is the deal with nude swimming? Wouldn't this "style" affect performance due to an uncontrollable "rudder effect," so to speak? Should we consult a sailing expert to gain additional insight? What are the implications of this new rule? Will lap times improve? Help me sort out the meaning of this change.

All Wet in Wilmette

Cecil replies:

Cecil replies:

Don’t worry about the rudder effect, A.W. Most of the guys at those clubs have, how shall I say, a low coefficient of drag. Myself, I prefer to wear trunks.

Cecil Adams

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