What were the daily themes on the old Mickey Mouse show?

Dear Cecil:

A bunch of us former Mouseketeers were sitting around reminiscing about the good old days with Annette, Roy, Cubbie, Lonnie and the whole gang. Many golden memories came flooding back, but none of us could recall with certainty the different themes the show had every day. There was "Circus Day," of course, and who could forget "Fun With Music Day"? But what were the others, and when did they fall chronologically? As a former Mouseketeer yourself, no doubt, you should have no trouble with this one.

Cecil replies:

Cecil replies:

There are certain episodes in our past that we try desperately to forget, Evelyn. If you must know, "Fun With Music Day" fell on Monday, Tuesday brought "Guest Star Day" (usually some washed-up vaudevillian on the order of Morey Amsterdam), Wednesday was "Anything Can Happen Day" (i.e., the Mouseketeers cheap it out), Thursday saw "Circus Day," and the week reached a grand climax on Friday with "Talent Round-Up Day," which generally meant Cubby and another of his crummy drum solos.

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